We are working towards a new start

We are writing to our customers to let them know our service has been disrupted and we are still working towards getting orders out in a timely manner. Covid 19 has really impacted our business and we thank you for your cooperation during this time. We thank you!

3 thoughts on “We are working towards a new start”

  1. I have been a customer since 1976! I love your company & hope to see your products expand! I would like to see sunflowers, doilies, dog breeds ( I have a white havanese), palm trees ( large) new Fourth of July decorations, large pumpkins ( not jack o’ lanterns), large snowmen & deer. I want to purchase more!

  2. I have your products for over 30 years! I have used them in my classroom and at home to decorate my windows. Would love to see the Easter and happy Easter make a come back very soon.

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